May 7th, 2017

Next range work day – Saturday May 10th 2014.
Volunteers needed to help with fencing and target stands. Please bring gloves, saws, hammers, nails etc.
See you there!

April 9th 2014.
The gravel road to the range and parking lot are completely clear of snow
and open for all vehicles. There are envelopes available in the box for the
$10 non-member fee.

Pistol Lane 1 (50 yards) – Completely clear of snow. One target stand is available.
Pistol Lane 2 (50 yards) – Completely clear of snow. One target stand is available.
Rifle Lane 1 (100 yards) – Completely clear of snow. No target stands are available.
Rifle Lane 2 (100 yards) – Completely covered in feet of snow.

A big thank you to the NRA Foundation for their generous support of the range through grants.   This is made possible by our local Friends of the NRA.

Grants awarded:

2010-IREA construction; Promatic Super Sporter Trap Thrower

2011-Driveway construction; Conex storage unit 

2013-Emergency Call Box for the range


Monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm , as follows:

Even months: the Jefferson Community Center

Odd months: Shawnee Community Center

Please plan to participate in the next meeting, SPSA needs more volunteers!

Range Safety Officers

Range Safety Officers are needed. This is a volunteer position, if you are interested, please contact us.  Range Safety Officers are asked to have a current CPR/First Aid Card.

Next Work Day-TBA


We are in need of assistance building target stands and finishing the check in shack.  Please bring your cordless screw driver, cordless saw, hammers, and tape measures.

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